Recreating the most iconic condiment packaging, for a great cause

Recreating the most iconic condiment packaging, for a great cause

Συσκευασίες Μουστάρδας με γραφή Braille

Here at DK Marketing, we want to be up for any challenge; even if it means we have to reinvent the wheel. So when our client, Condito, wanted to differentiate their mustard containers, we felt we were ready to jump into action.

The task wasn’t that simple as it sounds; the symbolic shape and color of the iconic mustard pot can’t be changed drastically. There’s just so little room for innovation here, that we had to add up to what is already established. Additionally, we couldn’t alter the packaging’s production process much, as that would mean enormous transition costs for our client.

Further discussions with Condito gave us the necessary insights we needed. Their mission to “create the best for your plate”, respecting customer needs for a world that leaves no one behind, gave us two incredible ideas.

“Why not make condiments accessible to everyone, and let our consumer use our client’s goods the way they were intended to?”

For the first part, it was easy to find a social group that still faces issues with purchasing and handling of goods, even to this day; sadly, retail rarely focuses on helping visually impaired people. To change that, our team decided to imprint the product and Brand’s name with Braille (Writing & Reading system for the visually impaired), on the bottom part of the container, and in two languages (Condito Mustard/Μουστάρδα Condito). We turned to KEAK’s (Education & Rehabilitation Center for the Blind) teachers and students for help, and together we agreed on the content’s wording, spacing, and letter thickness, to ensure maximum readability.

We used the same thinking process for our second goal, to let Condito’s customers know how to consume their mustard correctly. After asking our client for serving suggestions, we visualized them into an anaglyph that was placed on the top part of the pot. Simply as that, we included tips to maximize the product’s gastronomical potential.

The design phase was a bit tricky, as it required minor changes for the packaging’s production process. Our experienced team, however, knows how to tackle problems of any kind, and by cooperating closely with Condito’s production team, made everything work like a charm.

This highly-demanding project is a first for the Greek retail market. As of now, the changes are solely adopted on our client’s mustard pots, however, Condito plans to include them to all of its products. The outcome is really promising and it will instantly stand out from the competition on the shelves. Next time you are in the condiments aisle at your local supermarket, have a look!