Package designers inspired by road signs

Package designers inspired by road signs

If we want to describe a typical shopping day, all we need is an image of rush consumers, who squeeze their buys between an ‘’endless’’ list of everyday obligations. Therefore, it is necessary for companies to grab customer’s attention easily and transmit their information shortly. Furthermore, more and more customers pay attention to the message that a company gives, if it offers to the community, protects the environment etc. Combination of these two trends, made the package designers to adopt a more utilitarian approach to their designs.

Inspiration came from the study of other kind of design prototypes in an effort to adapt them with packaging needs. As the most adaptable pattern, they chose that of the road signs, especially those of the British road network.

In the late 1950’s, London designers, Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert, presented a road sign line which were easily readable and immediately understandable. This are exactly the characteristics modern package designers need for their products.

For example, the use of characteristic colors like yellow and red, consists a novelty in a field that uses primarily nude or more neutral colors. This creates greater contrast with logo, which draws customer’s attention to it.

In a society that changes constantly, package design is a never-ending challenge to catch up with the current needs. And the most important one, in the era of speed, is hiding in Kinneir question: ‘’what I would like to read while crossing a high speed road.